shift the nature of power on the planet!

Our vision is big and bold.

We know. We believe our mission begins in leadership. How we lead ourselves, and thus  our relationships, companies, communities, and families, ultimately defines our collective experience of power on the planet.

our commitment

We are committed to doing what it takes to create REAL, lasting results where they matter most in your life. 

After 30 years of working within business, human and spiritual development; we found ourselves addressing the same four things every single time – so we decided to change the game.

Something about how we liberate ourselves isn’t working. 

It doesn’t create authentic, lasting personal liberation in the face of our chaotic modern world. Today’s world requires us all to have the conscious and strategic agility necessary to effectively respond when we’re feeling most vulnerable, are seeped in frequent trauma and biases, and are navigating our ever evolving sovereign selves. What sounds good in a classroom, rarely translates to the real world when it matters most. At least not at a pace, and at a price, that makes sense in today. We wanted to fix this. So…..

We designed innovative, evidence-based, scientifically proven personal and spiritual development methods. 

The kind that produces and sustains exponential results. The kind that nurtures and brings relief to everyone. The kind that lasts, leaves a legacy, and truly impacts lives, the relationships within them, and everyone they touch. What started as specific tools, and 4 programs, for our private clients, has now become a phenomenon.

With 10 years of University backed research, resulting in evidence-based programming, we are certain we have a revolution!


Join the Movement today and become a Power Centered Human. 

Earn the badge and the love that comes with it.  

Our Founder


A breakthrough consultant for over 20 years, creator of the I AM Powerful program, and author on several books, ShannonRae gives couples, individuals, and leaders practical tools to produce unprecedented results. A driven, passionate, results junkie, and liberated soul herself, ShannonRae gives people the tools they need to liberate everything from results to relationships, and ultimately themselves. A modern shaman, imperfectly enlightened soul, a corporate CEO and consultant, a speaker and author, a single mother of two adult children, in a successful, long term relationship herself; ShannonRae has worked with families in the courts, couples in private and retreat settings, and coached hundreds of families in trauma and health over three decades. With two advanced behavioral science degrees, a background in counseling, and a developer of many programs she additionally teaches clinicians cultural competencies, trauma-informed practices, and strengths-based approaches among several other methods, techniques, and tools. She has created profound, research validated results with C level executives, mid-level managers and revenue generating professionals, as well as families, couples, and individual clients from various backgrounds, with complex multiple traumas. While she is dynamic and highly versatile, a survivor of trauma herself, and a CEO of two successful companies, ShannonRae is best known for her striking combination of energy, passion, and ability to create consistent and measured excellence in others.




of hearts influenced

of relationships Impacted

Our promise


We are committed to creating peaceful containers that foster the best in everyone; healthy, passionate, and playful containers you can thrive in.


We are committed to authentic power that creates unshakable confidence, and true personal freedom, even in the most challenging, complex circumstances.


We are committed to passion that drives profound relationships and fuels conscious living, sacred containers, and and personal liberation.

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