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We focus on four key principle-based programs that are necessary to sustain healthy, conscious, and reliable relationships of all kinds.

These are the Four Things we Address EVERY SINGLE TIME when helping parents Cultivate Conscious Lives over the past 30 years.

We address: How we make agreements and hold ourselves and each other accountable, How we manage our own behaviors when things feel disconnected, chaotic, or challenging, How we have courageous conversations in pivotal moments, and How we master our hard-wired brain and behavioral responses at pivotal times by leaning in from a center of power, over control.

If you want lasting unconditional personal liberation; that energizes you instead of drains you, you want to sustain that freedom over time, and want to do so in a life that is peaceful, passionate, and playful, then anchor these four programs into the foundation of your practical everyday life. Be a Power Centered human!


Mastering our responses in the face of challenge, change, and complexity.

Our I AM Powerful flagship program turns powerlessness and limitation into empowered personal liberation in one comprehensive program. This 2-day robust spiritual awakening program covers 23 leadership competencies, 17 life skills, emotional intelligence, and ancient spiritual wisdom, is based on the Four Principles of Power, and produces an awakened state of consciousness in your practical everyday life. Great for beginners and masters, this program has the best ROI in the industry, cultivating power-centered lives and relationships with unconditional freedom.


Create an embodied, conscious, awakened life.

Standard negotiation tools can actually create disconnection over time, drive a wedge between you and others or life in general, and done wrong can even create toxic relationships that don’t stand the test of time. You may see a bump in results, short term feelings of connection, an agreement today that isn’t followed through on or repeated, boundaries that aren’t honored, peacefulness that’s unreliable, a passion that is dependent on situations or others, power that’s conditional, confidence that’s fleeting, acceptance that doesn’t last. Those short-term results will be mediocre, costly, most certainly inconsistent, and ultimately unsustainable, because they were built on compliance, over authentic commitment, passion, and personal choice. Turn your Compliance, into Commitment in your relationships, and life, creating authentic harmony that feels inspiring, deep commitment that everyone follows through on, healthy boundaries that get honored, promises that are kept, emotionally bonded connections that are real and reliable, and consistent results you can count on in life with this 1-day program on our innovative form of Agreement Based Accountability.


How to leverage challenges, difficulties, or difficult times. 

Turn your most challenging moments into your greatest asset, on the spot! Learn how to leverage human behavior science, and effectively redirect difficult times in your life and relationships into opportunities for deeper bonds, greater understanding, and lasting results you can rely on. Gain tools anyone can use in 5 minutes or less, in the middle of a challenge, chaotic, or triggering moment, to reduce distractions, enhance connections, align yourselves, and re-engage yourself in your personal vision.


How to have game-changing conversations in high-stakes situations.

Enhance communication in your relationships, as well as with yourself. Perfect for all aspects of life. Critical in every part of love and life. Participants learn the seven critical steps of communication and build the confidence necessary to have courageous conversations, and speak unapologetically, during the most pivotal moments in life, love, and business. You will effectively navigate challenges, produce effective and desired outcomes, recommit to the relationships that matter, or anchor agreements with yourself and others for improved communication and enhanced bonds that create meaningful, authentic relationships that last the test of time.







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